Algae based Oral Vaccine targeting the Corona virus

TransAlgae is a biotech company that has developed a breakthrough technology for oral delivery of drugs and vaccines, based on genetic engineering of algae. TransAlgae's technology makes the use of injections redundant. The technology is based on rapid and flexible production system for the immediate delivery of a vaccine. The company has begun the development of an oral vaccine for Coronavirus which will enable oral immunization by an alga pill without the need of arrival to the clinics for injection. TransAlgae has invested over $25 M in the development of its technology to date. The company is now initiating an investment round specifically for the development of an oral vaccine targeting Coronavirus. A minimum opening of $0.5 M is required to enter to this fundraising round. For further information please contact: Mr. Eyal Ronen, VP Business Development, TransAlgae: , Mobile +972542316508.

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