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Founded in 2008, TransAlgae is a biotech company incorporated in the USA with a research center located at the Science Park in Rehovot, Israel. TransAlgae develops and cultivates a variety of enhanced algae possessing high value products for the growing animal health markets.
TransAlgae’s unique (patent pending) technology platform harnesses algae as cell factories for the production of customized or off-the-shelf bio-molecules. The platform enables the development of dried (company owned) algae, engineered to contain enzymes, active molecules, vaccines or other proteins to be orally delivered to target organisms.
TransAlgae has successfully transformed algae with various functional proteins. TransAlgae’s developments are significantly applicable for the aquaculture and poultry industries. These scientifically tested improvements allow us to meet the demands of diverse markets. TransAlgae has a proven ability to orally deliver selected proteins to shrimp, fish, and poultry. TransAlgae is working towards the oral delivery of protein based vaccines to be used in the animal husbandry industry. Oral delivery will allow the end user to avoid the use of current inferior techniques, such as injections.
Our leading product accelerates the growth of aquaculture species. TransAlgae has successfully produced an algal cell line that expresses a growth promoting agent. Fish and Shrimp supplemented with the Enhanced Algae have grown approximately 20% faster than control groups. Applying such improvements is expected to increase the grower’s productivity and help the industry in meeting the increasing demands of the world’s growing population.

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