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TransAlgae is a private biotech company founded in 2008, with a research center located at the Science Park in Rehovot, Israel. TransAlgae develops algae based platforms for oral delivery of proteins based drugs and other bio-molecules for the animal healthcare and crop protection markets.

TransAlgae’s unique technology platforms harness algae as a cell based factory system for the production and native encapsulation of high value products. The platforms enable the development of algae expressing protein based growth promoting agents, enzymes, vaccines, insecticides or other active molecules to be orally delivered through the animal feed or through crop spraying.

TransAlgae has a proven ability to orally deliver selected proteins to fish, shrimp and insects. Oral delivery will allow the end user to avoid the use of current inferior techniques, such as injections and will allow avoiding the use of chemicals or transgenic plants in order to protect the crop.
TransAlgae is currently developing algae based oral vaccines targeted towards two main worldwide fish diseases.

Additionally TransAlgae orients itself to the fields of crop protection &human pharma based on its novel technology.

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