Advisory Board

Dr. Stanley Hirsch

Dr. Stanley Hirsch is the Group CEO of FuturaGene Ltd. FuturaGene is a pioneer in plant genetic research and development for the global renewable plantation forestry market. FuturaGene’s key crop is eucalyptus, and its most advanced technologies are for yield improvement and yield protection in sustainable, renewable industrial forestry. FuturaGene was publicly traded on the AIM Market in London until July 2010, when the company was acquired by Suzano SA of Brazil, the world’s leading eucalyptus pulp producer and one of Latin America’s largest paper producers.

Prior to joining FuturaGene, Dr. Hirsch served as general manager of two diagnostics development companies and a drug development company. Previously, he was also responsible for business development for a privately held group of healthcare companies, where he oversaw the structuring and managing of joint ventures, startup companies, technology licensing and new product acquisitions. Early in his career, Dr. Hirsch was involved in the development of automated systems for plant tissue culture and he is a co-inventor of patents in plant biotechnology and micropropagation systems.


Dr. Hirsch served as a Chairman of a NASDAQ-traded specialty pharmaceutical company from 2017 to 2020 and as Board Director for a research products company inter alia, and has advised various venture capital funds. He currently serves on the Board of Barcode Nanotech, a company developing nano-particle pharmaceuticals. He received his D. Phil. from Oxford University in Cell Biology and Immunology and his B.SC and B.Sc. (Med) Honours from the University of Cape Town.

Doron Eisenstadt , PhD

Doron is a one of the scientific founders of TransAlgae.

A researcher with years of laboratory experience, bringing a vast experience in physiology aspects of micro-algae research.

Doron holds BSc, MSc (magna cum laude) and PhD degrees from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Responsible for development of cultivation processes of micro-algae and up-scaling of production site.