A growing global population is placing increased pressure on the world’s resources to provide more food. Meeting this need requires high quality, cost effective production of meat and crops. TransAlgae has a promising next generation technology for Human Pharma, Animal Health and Crop Protection to meet this global need.

Gene Design &


Algal Cell Expressing

Gene of Interest

Low Cost,

High Production

Dried Algae Containing Drug of Interest

Delivery via  Algae Pills ,

Animal Feed or Crop Spraying

TransAlgae's technology platform harnesses algae as a cell based factory system for the production and natural encapsulation of therapeutic products, protecting their degradation in the gastro intestinal tract and enabling their absorption by the target animal. The platform lets algae express hormones, enzymes, vaccines, or insecticides.  The active molecules are orally delivered via algae pills, animal feed or crop spraying.  This replaces the need to use antibiotics and vaccination by injection or spraying crops with toxic chemicals.

TransAlgae’s Technology Advantages

Green technology

Multi-purpose platform: suitable for wide range of applications

Non toxic for the animal or the crop

Production system is not affected by animal-based pathogens

Cost effective source for vaccines\drugs

No animal size limit for vaccination

Enables mass vaccination

Noninvasive application

The final algal powder is inactivated and therefore is classified as a GMO derived material (Not a GMO) 

Main office and R&D lab

2 Pekeris St.  Weizmann Science Park, Rehovot,  7670202 Israel



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